Notice Board

11/12 Well done to all the singers on Thursday and major thanks to our Musical Director Anne O’Dea.  The good news is that Anne will be with us each Thursday so you can nip off to practice with her when you’re not needed ‘on stage’ for a couple of weeks, […]

The Lines They Are A-Learning

8/12 I’m looking forward to the beautiful Anne O’Dea coming down to us on Thursday next week and sorting out all the Tricky Bits in the songs.  Hooray for Anne (in advance)!  Extra Special Effort from everyone to actually Be There… Rehearsals are going well, there’s some lovely stuff happening […]

Songs on Thursday

5/12 When I joined LPP years ago, my first play was directed by the Late Great Reg Renwick. He was a big player on the circuit of amateur drama as a judge at many a drama festival back in the day and this was his own play. He wrote the […]

Five out of Twelve

We are holding auditions for The Flint Street Nativity by Tim Firth on Thursday, 10th of September 2015 at 8pm in Wesley House, Leeson Park The play is a comedy, with music (and some carol (ish) singing). There are 5/6 female roles, 6/7 male roles – all of whom play […]