Songs on Thursday


I’m looking forward to the beautiful Anne O’Dea coming down to us on Thursday next week and sorting out all the Tricky Bits in the songs.  Hooray for Anne (in advance)!  Extra Special Effort from everyone to actually Be There…

Rehearsals are going well, there’s some lovely stuff happening and characters are developing.  The Next Step is to put down the script and go for it.  Officially books-down isn’t until November but I’m very happy to support anyone willing to give it a try now and will prompt happily.

People learn lines differently (I’m sure it’s about how the brain is wired).  Personally I have to read them and say them and act them and then WRITE THEM DOWN MYSELF in my own handwriting to get them in my brain.  Even when I have nearly 400 lines (thanks Charles for that – and I was young then!).  And of course Rehearse them, try them different ways, say them differently in a scene and see what happens… so I’m back to banging on about Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse.  We have to do it.  If it were easy to walk on stage and spout the lines and do a marvelous performance in accordance with everything else that goes on in a production and the other actors, well, sure, we could do it all in a week.  But it’s not and you can’t and if you think you can you’re delusional and people are being kind about your performances.

So Books Down approaches.  Exciting times.  This got a bit ranty didn’t it… oops.

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