Last Dress

Only one more Dress Rehearsal to go before our first night!

Everyone is putting in a splendid performance.  Mary is suitably good, keeping her head up and knows all the words to the songs.  Narrator is speaking so clearly and beautifully and taking such excellent big breaths and has learnt her lines well, or quite well anyway.  Herod is gloriously proud, worried and angry, and Joseph says his lines to the whole audience really audibly.  Innkeeper is wonderfully welcoming to everyone.  The Angel Gabriel is perfect for the role of announcing things of glorious wonder and does it with such passion.  Wise Man Gold is superbly Gold and so very enthusiastic. Angel is simply angelic with her dedicated following of the Absolute Angel.  Wise Man Myhrr has a special elegance to everything he says and does.  The Shepherds are so real and earthy, keeping us in touch with nature and speaking the truth.  Star is, well he’s just The Star.  And as for the Ass… he is a donkey.

Hope you enjoy the show!!  Book your tickets Here…

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