The List of Past Productions 1933 –

1933 The Patsy
1934 The Silver Bag
  Guests at Garrygarth
1935 The Luck of the Draw
  The Silver Bag
  The Passing of the Third Floor Back
1936 The New Tennant
  Dear Brutus
  No Sure Foundation
1937 No Man’s Island
1938 The Dover Road
1939 The Parson Says “No”
  Mr Vanity
1940 The Rising Generation
  She Stoops to Conquer
1941 Time and the Conways
1942 For the Love of Mike
1943 The Far Off Hills
  Cricket on the Hearth
1944  –
1945 Look at the Heffernans
1946  –
1947 The Patsy
1948 Isobel, Edward and Anne
1949 Hay Fever
1950 The White-headed Boy
  Murder Out of Tune
1951 Forced landing
  The Brontes of Haworth Parsonage
  Who Lies There
1952 Young Mrs Barrington
1953 The Peaceful Inn
  The Late Christopher Bean
1954 The Hollow
  Man Proposes
1955 Kind Lady
  Murder On the Nile
1956 Treasure Hunt
1957 The Gentle Arm
  Peril At End House
1958 Double Door
1959 And This Was Odd
  Forced Landing
  Lady Mislaid
1960 Bonaventure
  Queen Elizabeth Slept Here
1961 Ladies in Retirement
  Fresh Fields
1962 Spring Meeting
  Danger Inside
1963 The Heiress
  On Monday Next
1964 Who Lies There?
  A Letter From the General
1965 Blithe Spirit
  Murder Mistaken
1966 The White Sheep of the Family
  Quiet Weekend
1967 They Came to a City
  Little Lambs Eat Ivy
1968 Night Must Fall
1969 Mrs Moonlight
  A Change of Air
1970 Double Yolk
  The Holly and the Ivy
1971 Breath of Spring
  The Paper Chain
  The Paragon
1972 Outward Bound
  The Importance of Being Ernest
1973 Ladies in Waiting
  The Happiest Days of Your Life
1974 A Doll’s House
  Pink String and Sealing Wax
1975 Candied Peel
  Death Takes a Holiday
1976 George and Margaret
  The Day After the Fair
1977 Uncertain Joy
  Darling I’m Home
1978 The Winslow Boy
  Bitter Sanctuary
1979 The Captives
  Tolka row


1980 Between Mouthfuls
  Relatively Speaking
  Kind Lady
1981 Wednesday’s Child
  Move Over Mrs. Markham
1982 Master Dudley
  I Have Five Daughters
1983 Deeply Regretted by
  The Noble Spaniard
1984 Drama at Inish
1985 Priorities
  Edge of Darkness
  How the Other Half Loves
1986 Separate Tables
  The Diary of Anne Frank
1987 You Never Can Tell
  Murder Company
1988 Juno and the Paycock
  John Wesley: Pray for a Wind
1989 Table Manners
  Hay Fever
1990 Murder at Deem House
  The Christmas Tree
1991 The Importance of Being Ernest
  All In Favour Said No!
1992 An Ideal Husband
  Ring Around The Moon
1993 Bedroom Farce
  The Crucible
1994 Pack of Lies
  Play On!
1995 Dancing at Lughnasa
  Outside Edge
1996 I do not like Thee Dr. Fell
  Bitter Sanctuary
1997 A Murder is Announced
  Emergency Landing
1998 Out of Focus
  Happy Birthday Dear Alice
1999 An Inspector Calls
  Sprouts & Ladders
2000 An Experiment with an Airpump
  Lady Windermere’s Fan
2001 Family Circles
2002 Lonely Hearts
  Top Girls
2003 A Life
2004 Round and Round the Garden
  Playboy of the Western World
2005 The Whiteheaded Boy
  A Fete Worse Than Murder
2006 A Woman of No Importance
  The Memory of Water
2007 Juno and the Paycock
  Daisy Pulls it Off
2008 The Importance of Being Earnest
  The Colleen Bawn
2009 Move Over Mrs Markham
  Blithe Spirit
2010 It Runs in the Family
  The Pursuit of Love
2011 Treasure Hunt
  A Chorus of Disapproval
2012 Quartermaine’s Terms
  The Dead
2013 Allo’ Allo’
  Season’s Greetings
2014 Cause Celebre
  Lonely Hearts
2015 A Fete Worse Than Murder
  The Flint Street Nativity
2016 Usher’s Island, 1916
  Eloise is Under The Almond Tree
2017 Pygmalion
2018 Playboy of the Western World
  An Appointment with Death
2019 The Colleen Bawn
  Bedroom Farce