That End – The Flint Street Nativity

Well Done to all the Cast and Crew and Thank You to the Audience for another show has been put to bed.

At times I felt like pulling my hair out and banging my head against a wall, but mostly it was a wonderful experience to work with such lovely talented people on a funny, poignant script.  I think a few people (including some of the cast!) were surprised with how sad the play was, especially to those with Children of their own.  Some people told me that it really made them think about how they parent their own children, what they might say in front of their children, how they behave in front of their children… and that’s a lesson for us all right there.  This play was hilarious, it was full of funny, funny moments but it was also a play about parenting which I think all of us parents need to think about now and then.

Special mentions to each of the cast for such fine performances, not at all over the top (a danger when acting as a seven year old) but beautifully crafted by observing children taking inspiration from some that we’ve seen – or are related to.  Mary’s own mother said she was type cast as she was exactly like that when she was seven (bossy), I didn’t know that but obviously picked very well.  Stiofan got a laugh (especially from a certain 10 year old in the front row) every time he did anything sinister(that’s a good thing).  Roy too has been the source of much hilarity even after the show as ‘people’ remember his wonderful performance as Ass.  Aurora was glorious as the avenging Angel Gabriel.  Melanie and Siobhan spectacular as her sometime allies, sometime victims.  James’ Joseph (nugget) / Herod had the audience in stitches – I’ve been asked about how I directed his tongue (I didn’t – that’s all James!). Eoin with his lovely lisp and sorrowful rendition of Ding Dong made us all wish he gets a saxophone for Christmas.  Aidan I expect does know all about Stars as he was superb at telling us all about them and a special Star for his In Front Of Curtain performance.  Claire’s Narrator was so sweet, so out of breath, so diligent and also managed to tug at the heartstrings of so many of the audience. Tears were shed!!  And the Shepherds.  Sophie brilliant with her fascinating insight into modern farming, sharing beautiful scenes of nature with us all, and Rachel so gorgeously matter of fact and setting the bar high for truth and honor.

Special thanks to Ann O’Dea for coming on board and helping us with the considerable music that the ‘play’ contained.  There are rumours that she and Siobhan are stealthily turning us into a musical society – or even Opera has been suggested… but they’re just rumours at the moment.  Be worried if you see we’re doing Showboat.

And of course the backstage crew were fantastic as always.  We Really can’t do it without a slick team behind stage.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the folk behind the scenes actually do a Huge amount of work and get no applause at the end of it.  Thank you to Andrew, Charles, Erick, Elfrieda, Karina, Madeleine, Paul, Roger and Sara for all their hard work.

Once more we’re on to the next one… whatever it might be.  Watch this space (or somewhere generally on the website and facebook) for news of auditions in January 2016!

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