The Lines They Are A-Learning


Well done to all the singers on Thursday and major thanks to our Musical Director Anne O’Dea.  The good news is that Anne will be with us each Thursday so you can nip off to practice with her when you’re not needed ‘on stage’ for a couple of weeks, especially those of you with the Complicated Bits.

It’s nearly Books Down so I expect all of you are spending this Bank Holiday with your noses in your scripts and reading and re reading your lines.  You might have recorded them and be listening to them .  Or you might have written them out from memory to see if you have all the words right.  You might even be writing out your cues from memory (slightly excessive in my opinion but each to their own!).  Hopefully you have someone who will hear them for you and won’t hate you too much for it, and will still come and see the show.

I look forward to see your character blossoming as you move without the script in your hand, and don’t forget, we are there to catch and encourage you as you find your way.

But find it fast.  There’s only a month to go!


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